How we’ve adapted during COVID-19

Your health and safety is of our highest priority, so there will be a wash and hand sanitisation station at the bottom of the stairs and we ask that you please wash your hands before class, and after, if you wish.

Hand sanitisers will be available throughout the studio to use throughout the duration of our classes.

If you have your own mat, we encourage you to bring it to the studio, but if you don’t, we don’t expect you to purchase one as we have plenty for you to borrow. We will be thoroughly cleaning all equipment after each class.

Classes will be reduced slightly to 45min to give us all more time to thoroughly clean the mats before and after class and also to minimise the amount of people in the studio at any given time.

We will be reducing our class size to a capacity of 6 people to create a socially distant and safe space for you to move in. We see this as a positive as it means we get to be even more personable with you!

Due to this reduced capacity it is now more important than ever to book ahead and cancel well in advance to avoid being charged a cancellation fee*.

Please arrive 5 minutes early to your class and head straight upstairs to avoid any congestion at our reception desk.

Lastly, if you have any symptoms of illness please let us know that you won’t be attending your class. We want you to look after yourself and stay in bed!

Metropolitan Melbourne roadmap for reopening
As directed by the Victorian government, our Victorian teams have implemented a COVID Safe Plan focused on safety, prevention and response and though restrictions are easing, we continue to ensure the safety of our staff and patients. Wherever best possible, we are also offering video health consultations to keep our patients connected to our practitioners and keep a safe distance when needed.

We have created a COVIDSafe workplace by implementing:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting schedule in our treatment rooms, waiting area, kitchen, breakout rooms and gym/exercise areas
  • Density quotient, as required
  • Staff must wear a face mask and additional PPE, where appropriate
  • Air conditioner set to optimum air flow at the start of each work day
  • Hand sanitiser made available in all spaces
  • Record keeping and contact tracing
  • Floor markings to reinforce physical distancing